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Community Coat Exchange

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Deanna Taylor
Aug 3, 2011

Need a coat?  Come get one.  Have a coat?  We know someone who could use one

Annual Community Coat Exchange ~ Every year the day after Thanksgiving, 10am - 1pm  ~ since 2005

Pioneer Park -  Salt Lake City, Utah 

400 South 300 West

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Every year people all over the United States spend the day after Thanksgiving getting ready for the holiday season by patronizing retail businesses for gift buying.  We perceived a need for a project for the same day that would be useful and meaningful, as well as educational, and that focuses on concerns about the ecological and psychological consequences of our consumer culture and the impact of our consumerism on society.

To that end, a new community-oriented project was born:  The Community Coat Exchange.  Patterned after a similar event in Rhode Island, the Coat Exchange is a collection and distribution of winter coats and other clothing items.  The event is held between 10 AM and 1PM the day after Thanksgiving.

The idea is for folks to bring donations to any of the drop off centers (see right sidebar for partners and drop off centers) before Thanksgiving or to the event itself.  At the event, no questions are asked:  If you need a coat, come get one.  If you want to exchange a coat, bring the coat you want to donate and take one in exchange.  If you have a donation of coats, we know people who can use them.

Left over coats are donated to the Crossroads Urban Center Thrift Store, a project of the Crossroads Urban Center which advocates for low income and homeless people.   The Crossroads Urban Center Thrift Store gives clothes away to poor people and also sells clothes and other goods in its retail shop to the general public to help fund the Crossroads Urban Center programs.

Please contact us if your organization is willing to support this annual event as a partner (obligations of co-sponsors are to publicize the event to your network).


To donate, volunteer, or obtain further information, please contact us at:

801-403-0121 or 801-502-1991



There are multiple ways you can donate coats – and it’s easy!

1.  Bring Coats to one of the drop off centers (see right sidebar)

2.  Contact us for a pick up

801-403-0121; info@coatexchange.org

3.  Bring your coats to the event itself!


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10th Annual Community Coat Exchange is a Success! Last Updated on 2014-11-29 09:51:14   The 10th Annual Community Coat Exchange experienced great success at its new location this year, in Salt Lake City's Pioneer Park. Read the article in the Deseret News here.      More »
Annual coat exchange warms people, pets Last Updated on 2013-11-29 19:00:46 Annual coat exchange warms people, pets (Deseret News article, November 29, 2013) SALT LAKE CITY — Eight-year-old DoJah, a pit bull mix, wriggled on her back and waved her paws in the air while getting used to wearing a black sweater from the Blue Sky Institute's annual community coat exchange Friday. DoJah's owner, Elric Damon, said his beloved traveling companion had been getting cold since leaving San Francisco. When he spotted the tables piled with donated coats and sweaters at Library Square, he eagerly chose one for his dog. Damon, passing through Salt Lake City on his way to New Mexico to see his three-year-old daughter for the first time in a year, didn't take anything for himself. Pointing to his backpack, he said he had plenty of warm clothing. "She's been cold. She knows what it's for. It'll keep her warm," Damon said as DoJah... More »
Free Coat Exchange in Kentucky Last Updated on 2013-11-06 06:49:14 4th Annual Free Coat Exchange Friday November 29, 2013 10am-1pm www.freecoatexchange.org- check our web site for location updates someone has a coat they do not need- someone needs a coat they do not have We welcome anyone who would like to volunteer during the event. At the end of the day we donate any extra coats to non profits to give away. Please join us at the following locations Louisville Ky sites: The Green Building, 732 East Market Street Contact Ted Loebenberg, 401 952 6566 info@freecoatexchange.org Westport Road Baptist Church 9705 Westport Road. Contact Kellie Johnston 502425-2350 ext 117 kellie@mywrbc.org St. Paul Ame Church 1518 South 28th St. Contact Rev. Nachia Woods 502 436-7301 n0wood03@cardmail.louisville.com Schmitt's Florist parking lot 5050 Poplar Level Road Contact Russ Schmitt 502 969 8579 russ@schmittsflorist.org Save-A-Lot Food Store 4148 Taylor... More »
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